These resources are for users of the older version of directli. If you are using GoCardless for Xero please click here to visit the new support centre.

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Using Xero with Directli

Please follow these initial preparation/set-up steps to get started using Xero with Directli.

Preparing Xero

1. Adding customers

Customers can only be added and edited within Xero.

This safeguards your customer information and means Directli can only import that data, rather than create/edit it.

NB: Only a Xero customer, not a contact, can be imported into Directli due to how Xero functions.

1.1 Add a contact

First, you will need to add a contact from the ‘Contacts’ tab.

Contacts must have an email address in order to receive the mandate request email from Directli.

1.2. Raise an invoice

To convert a contact into a customer, you will need to raise a sales invoice. You can raise an invoice in Xero before setting up a Pre-Auth in Directli.

Once converted, you will be able to import customers into Directli.

NB: Invoices will not be processed automatically by Directli unless you specify it within Xero settings. If you do not require an invoice to be processed, you will need to cancel it within Xero.

Preparing Directli

1. Customising your mandate request email

When importing customers, Directli can automatically email a link to the Direct Debit mandate for them to authorise.

The system contains a simple email message which you have the option to amend. You should check you are happy with the message before importing any customers from Xero by following the steps below.

This is vital if you wish to use the ‘Sync and Create Pre-Auth’ setting as the email is sent automatically (see Xero Settings tutorial).

In addition to the email message, you can also customise aspects of the mandate with your logo and brand colours.

1.1 Add/edit a brand

Login, click ‘Merchant Settings’ and then the ‘Brands’ tab.

Click either ‘Add Brand’ or ‘View/Edit’ for an existing brand.

You can revise the logo and default colours that are displayed on the mandate within the ‘Design/Layout Customisation’ tab.

1.2 Select email template

Click the ‘Email Templates’ tab.

Click ‘Edit’ to view the email message which is sent to your customers.

1.3 Review email message

You can edit the default message that contains the mandate request. (The {tradingName} and {link} tags are replaced dynamically in the sent version with your organisation name and the mandate link.)

You can preview the email by clicking the ‘Send Test’ button— this is sent to your email address only.

2. Importing customers

If you’ve already raised an invoice within Xero, you can import the customer into Directli and then send them a pre-auth mandate to authorise.

Once agreed, you will be able to process the invoice against the pre-auth and Directli will do the rest of the work: adding it to Xero, paying off the invoice, and posting your GoCardless fees.

Navigate to the ‘Customers’ tab and select ‘Import Customers’.

2.1 Import settings

On this page you can specify certain import settings and view a list of your customers within Xero who are eligible for import into Directli.

Within the list, customers are selected for import by default: if you wish to override this, please uncheck the box within the ‘Import’ column. (You can also bulk toggle between checked/unchecked using the checkbox next to the Import title.)

Skip setting up a pre-auth

If this box is checked, customers will be imported into Directli without a pre-auth mandate being set-up.


Select the brand you wish to use for the mandate.


You can specify the frequency of the pre-auth (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually).


Optional text field for a description.

Send email immediately?

If checked, customers are emailed the mandate request immediately, while being imported.

3. Processing Xero Invoices

Once a mandate has been authorised by a customer, you are able to process an invoice.

Click the ‘Process invoice/bill’ tab.

3.1 View Xero Invoices

From the ‘Filter by’ dropdown you can select which invoice type (All, Invoice Date or Due Date) to view. Alternatively, select a date range from the date picker and click ‘Get Invoices’.

Directli will then display a list of your customers with an active invoice from within your Xero account.

3.2 Process Payment

Having chosen the selected range of invoices to display, you can ‘Process Payment’ using the checkbox (uncheck if you do not wish to process the invoice).

Click ‘Import’ to initiate the payment process and Directli handles the rest!