These resources are for users of the older version of directli. If you are using GoCardless for Xero please click here to visit the new support centre.

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Last updated on October 09, 2015 15:58 by Luke B

Setting-up Xero with Directli

1. Login to Directli — Connect to Xero

The first step to using Xero with Directli and GoCardless is to link Directli with your Xero Organisation. This is in order for the Directli system to be able to pull customer and invoice data across and, once processed, to send payment information back to your Xero account.

From the initial set-up page for Xero, simply click the blue ‘Connect to Xero’ button, where you will be taken through to authenticate Directli against your Xero Organisation.

2. Login to Xero

Clicking ‘Connect to Xero’ in step 1 will open a Xero login window which requires you to sign-in to the Xero Organisation you wish to connect to.

Enter your email address, password and click ‘Login’.

3. Authenticate Directli with Xero

Once you’ve logged in to Xero, simply select from the drop down menu the Organisation you wish to use with Directli and click the ‘Authorise’ button.

You will be returned to Directli automatically and the link between Directli and Xero will be confirmed and set-up.

4. Set-up accounts within Xero

Before using Directli with Xero, you will need to specify which bank account you require processed payments to be settled to from GoCardless, as well as which ‘Overhead’ account you want your GoCardless fees posting to.

We recommend setting up a GoCardless bank account which you can do through ‘Settings > Chart of Accounts > Add Bank Account’.

Xero requires an account number and sort code. You can use these dummy GoCardless ones if you wish:

Account: 55779911 / Sort: 20-00-00

You can set-up your ‘Fees’ account on the same page by clicking ‘Add Account’. Ensure this new fees account is set with the account type of ‘OVERHEADS’.

5. Configure Directli’s Xero Settings

Within the Directli system, click the ‘Xero Settings’ tab.

The Xero Settings page gives you control over key payment settings.