These resources are for users of the older version of directli. If you are using GoCardless for Xero please click here to visit the new support centre.

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Directli’s Xero Settings

GoCardless Merchant Settings

GoCardless Variable Payments (Pre-Auth)

This is an agreement with your customer where they authorise you to take ‘up to’ an agreed amount at a specified time (weekly, monthly, etc.).

You are able to specify your own pre-auth amount within Directli, otherwise the GoCardless default is set to ‘up to’ £5,000 (see ‘Default Pre-Auth Amount’ section below).

If you would prefer your customer not to see the specified amount, you have the option to remove it from the payment mandate they receive.

Simply login to your merchant page (Settings > Merchant settings), tick ‘Hide max amount for variable payments’ and click ‘Update’. The mandate will then display ‘Direct Debit payments’ in the title, rather than a specific ‘up to £5,000 every month’.

Directli’s ‘Xero Settings’ Page

GoCardless Account

As created in step 4. of the Setting up Xero with Directli tutorial, you can select from the drop down menu the bank account you would like to use.

GoCardless Fees Expenses Account

Directli automatically registers the GoCardless processing fees as an expense item and records them against your GoCardless bank account (for subsequent reconciliation).

You can select which Overhead account you would like us to assign this record of fees to—typically this would come under the Expense Account of: ‘404: Bank Fees’.

Default Pre-Auth Amount

Any amount can be specified up to £5,000.

Once a mandate has been authorised, it cannot be exceeded unless the original mandate is cancelled and a new one authorised, at a higher limit.

For this reason, we recommend specifying the pre-auth amount for slightly more than the expected invoice amount to allow for any increase.

Pre-auth amounts can be specified on a per customer basis when importing customers manually.

Default Pre-Auth Regularity

Select how often the Pre-Auth amount will be taken from your customer: Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Annually.

Post Payments to Xero when

The payments processed via Directli/GoCardless can be posted to Xero either when they are created with GoCardless, or when they are confirmed as Paid by GoCardless, ie. they have cleared from your customer’s bank account.

GoCardless fees will always be imported into Xero after a payment has been marked as Paid.

Once a payment has been posted to GoCardless it normally takes 4 working days to clear unless it is the first payment a customer has made to you: then it can take up to 6 working days.

Payment Processing System

Our payment options will only process payments for customers who have an active mandate set up.

No Automation – Manual Processing

Directli does not automatically take any payments: once you’ve imported your customer list into the system, you can manually process payments from the ‘Process invoice/bill’ tab. Your customers will be cross referenced with their mandates and you will need to select which invoices to process using the checkbox.

Auto Create payment on Invoice Due Date

The day before an authorised invoice is due, it is added to the scheduler, to be processed the next day at around 13:00. Once added, Directli generates and emails a ‘Daily Digest’ report to you, letting you know what payments will be processed the next day. This notification gives you the opportunity to remove/cancel any scheduled payments that you do not want to be taken.

Auto Create payment on Invoice Date

This option will process authorised invoices at just after midnight on the day they are created.

Sync Customers System

No Automation – Manual Processing

Customers can be manually imported via the ‘Import Customers’ option under the ‘Customers’ tab.

To change a customer’s details in Directli you will need to edit their details in Xero first and then select to ‘Refresh Customers’ option under the ‘Customers’ tab.

Sync Customers Only

Select this option if you wish to import customers only and not automatically request Pre-Auth (Variable) payment mandates for them.

Sync and create Pre-Auth

This option will sync your customers and create a Pre-Auth request for each one imported. We use the Default Pre-Auth Amount and Default Pre-Auth Regularity which are explained above. At this point, we email your customers with the New Direct Debit Request email, which invites them to set-up their Direct Debit with you. If you want complete end to end automation of collecting your customers’ invoices by Direct Debit, you would select this option, but please bear in mind that having this option set for new Directli accounts, will process these request emails to all of your customers within Xero.

Both customer automation options will automatically update customer details in Directli when they are changed in Xero.

If you are upgrading to a Xero account from our Standard plan, or switching from Pro, we will match existing customers in Directli to Xero customers as long as the email address is the same in both systems.