These resources are for users of the older version of directli. If you are using GoCardless for Xero please click here to visit the new support centre.

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Last updated on September 09, 2015 17:12 by William R

Migrating mandates already with GoCardless

If you already have active Authorisations with GoCardless that your customers have signed, we can seamlessly migrate these into Directli so you don't have to get your customers to re-sign their mandate.

Once you have created your Directli account, and linked it to GoCardless, email our dedicated Migrations team on and request that your Mandates are imported. We'll keep you informed through the whole process.

In order to be able to migrate the mandates, any Payment Plans that were setup will need to be cancelled. The customers will receive an email letting them know the payment plan is cancelled, so please bear this in mind, however this wont cancel the actual authorisation.

How the Migration Process Goes

  • You sign up to Directli and link it to your current GoCardless Account
  • Email requesting we migrate your mandates from GoCardless (or another GoCardless partner such as KashFlow, FreeAgent, etc)
  • Our Migrations team will request access to the mandates from GoCardless
  • Once we have access, they will be imported into Directli allowing you to use them from there
  • If you are a Xero account, we will also import your customers from Xero and auto match them based on the email addresses at GoCardless and within Xero. Any that we cannot match we send to you in a report and ask for your guidance
  • You are all ready to use Directli