These resources are for users of the older version of directli. If you are using GoCardless for Xero please click here to visit the new support centre.

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Last updated on May 26, 2016 15:02 by Amy T

How to create a new Direct Debit.

Linking a customer to create a Direct Debit & automatically sending the link.

  1. Sign into your Directli Account.
  2. Click on 'Request New Mandate'
  3. Select the new customer you wish to set up a direct debit for from the drop down box.
  4. Enter amount in £/GBP
  5. Fill in the ‘Details’ box (this doesn't necessarily need to be filled in, however if you wish to add something in reference to what the direct debit is being used for, this is where to store that information)
  6. Tick the box marked 'Send email immediately’ or leave it black (you can send the email later- see below)
  7. Click ‘Create Mandate'

Linking a customer to create a Direct Debit & manually sending the link.

If you would prefer to send the e-mail/link manually, complete the above, Steps 1-5 (Skipping Step 6.Tick the box marked 'Send email immediately’)

 Your Mandate has been created. Now, click onto the tab titled 'Pending Mandates'. This is where we store all your pending direct debits until completed. On this page, you have multiple options on which to proceed.

A. 'Send Reminder' which will send the e-mail out on your behalf
B. 'Get URL' which will generate a HTTP link you can personally e-mail to your customer.