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Last updated on May 19, 2016 15:53 by William R

Process by Branding Theme

Are you a company that take payments monthly and also take bigger 'one off' payments but don't want to take those big payments automatically? Then our Branding Theme Add on for Xero is what you need!

By default, Directli will automatically process invoices from across all Branding Themes, if you have told it to process payments automatically. If you only want it to collect invoices automatically for certain invoices you can create a Branding Theme within Xero (called 'Direct Debit' for instance) and our automated scripts will only ever automatically process invoices in that Branding Theme. You can also customise the branding theme so that the invoice your client receives, says on it "We will collect this invoice by Direct Debit, on or shortly after the due date" - or words to that effect!

With the Branding Add on, you still have the ability to go in to the Directli interface and process an invoice manually in any of your other themes and take payment just as you would - this add on only changes the way the automated scripts work.

If you think this could benefit you please get in touch with our Helpdesk. There is a one off cost of £45.99 inc VAT for us to set this up.